Heya peoples.

Give me a shout or read on to learn about the crew.


Our 2 woman dye studio based in a 130 year old woolen mill has brought the textile industry back to Germantown, Louisville, Kentucky. We do not take lightly the history of the women who came before us and hope to bring a bit of their strength into everything that we do.

 Driven by fashion, culture, and cause LL Yarn Co strives to create colors that inspire. With a seasonally changing color palette of layered multi colors and tonal shades to spark your creativity. We challenge you to see your beauty and strength. To walk tall, speak loud, and stand up. All the while carrying along a gorgeous project on your needles or hook.

We will strive to live and create within our principles.




 After all, fashion is art you live your life in. Dress like you mean it. 


Martha (left) & Amanda (right)

Heya, I'm Amanda (she/her). I am the King of the Lab here at LL Yarn Co. After 18 years working in the yarn industry I decided it was time for a reset. To start a whole new project from a whole new perspective. I am super excited to share my world with you. Here you will find a seasonally changing collection of colors and yarns I hope inspires you to make and do great things. I am absolutely obsessive about color and texture and have put those obsessions into this project. You will find colors inspired by the yarn world, the fashion industry, food, travel, books, art, people, and anything else I cross paths with. 

 Meet Martha (she/her). Martha is the dye wizard here at LL Yarn Co. She takes my color thoughts, visions, and recipes and puts them onto yarn every day. It is very hard work and she is damn good at it. When she is not up to her elbows in dye she fosters dogs and collects copious amounts of plants. She and her husband Charley (my childhood bestie) have five dogs and an ever-rotating collection of adorable foster pups. They also breed exotic snakes and creepy crawlies. 

 And we can't forget the most important member of our crew, Pedro! Pedro is head of security, nap consultant, lead sunbather, and all around joy bringer. He always puts in overtime to be sure we can all keep our heads about us on those long studio days and nights.